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Firm History

The felony and misdemeanor practice established at The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC enjoys a stellar reputation for providing effective legal counsel to people facing criminal charges from coast to coast. By combining extensive legal knowledge with courtroom experience and dedication to their clients, we have achieved numerous favorable results. When it comes to your freedom and protecting your rights, trust the experience of The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC.

We believe in the innocence of our clients, and we fight with honor and integrity to promote their rights. We have helped numerous clients obtain favorable courtroom verdicts, including:

  • 7 Count Identity Theft- Bank Employee: Community Service; no jail.
  • Marijuana Growing/Selling Operation, 8lbs. marijuana, 500 Vicodin, 500 Xanax- Divorced Father of Three: Probation.
  • Possession of controlled substance for Sale, Transportation of a Controlled Substance- Concert Promoter: Probation Terminated Early Case Expunged from
  • Record Permanently (see, "Erase Your Record").
  • 2nd Strike Robbery and Threatening a Witness, with Gang Enhancement Allegations- Student: Drug Rehabilitation.
  • Perjury- Iraq Veteran: Case Dismissed.
  • Spousal Battery/Domestic Violence- Famous Musician: Dismissal of all charges.
  • Possession of 5lbs. Controlled Substance For Sale- Illegal Immigrant: No jail, No Deportation, community service.
  • Spousal Battery/Domestic Violence- L.A.P.D. Officer: Plea bargain to reduced charge after hung jury.
  • Criminal/Terrorist Threats- Rap Star: Dismissal of all charges.
  • False Imprisonment with Handgun Allegation- Foreign-Born Real Estate Magnate: Not Guilty Verdict
  • Attempted Sexual Battery/Great Bodily Injury- Professional Photographer: Plea bargain to reduced charge of disorderly conduct.
  • Rape- Entrepreneur: Dismissal of All Charges before first court appearance.
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon- Transient: Facing 3 years state prison; Charge reduced to misdemeanor attempted battery.
  • Grand Theft- Real Estate Professional: Charge Dropped; License reinstated.
  • Felony DUI- Personal Trainer: Facing 6 years state prison; Plea bargain to community service.
  • 3rd DUI with two (2) recent out-of-state priors- Graduate Student: Plea bargain to reduced charge of Reckless Driving.
  • 3rd DUI- Probation; Defendant excused from alcohol program requirement.
  • Welfare Fraud- Case Dismissed after negotiation.
  • DMV Hearing- DUI Refusal: Case Set Aside; License returned.
  • DMV Hearing- 2nd DUI with .21 BAC: Case Set Aside; License returned.
  • DMV Hearing- DUI with Traffic Collision: Case Set Aside; License returned.
  • Lifetime Sex-Offender Registrant- Case permanently expunged from record.
  • Professional Musician- DUI permanently expunged from record.
  • DMV Hearing- DUI Refusal with Head-On Collision, 3 people hospitalized:
  • Case Set Aside; License returned.
  • Possession of Child Pornography on Computer Hardware-Computer Specialist: Counseling and case dismissed.
  • Possession of Scheduled Narcotics and Theft- Psychiatrist: Infraction, $100 fine. No probation; Nothing.
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon- 3rd year USC college student: Wrongfully Arrested; Arrest record sealed and Finding of Factual Innocence, GRANTED
  • Ex-Felon in Possession of a Firearm, on Probation with Prison Priors- Restaurateur/Mother: No JAIL Probation, parenting classes.
  • All results shown here were dependent on the facts of the individual case and will differ if based on different facts.