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DUI Facts

  • When someone is arrested for diving under the influence of alcohol, they are offered a choice of a blood or breath test. If arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, they are offered a choice of a blood or urine test.
  • Field sobriety tests are voluntary.
  • Lawful substances can create artificaially high alcohol levels.
  • Body temperature can affect the breath test results.
  • Blood samples can ferment, and create artificially high alcohol readings.
  • It takes one hour for each standard drink to be “burned off” or eliminated from your body.
  • According to the breath machine manufacturer, there is a margin of error in breath-testing equipment.
  • The arresting officer is required to continuously observe a person for fifteen minutes immediately prior to administering the breath test.

A conviction for Drunk Driving may lead to jail time, license suspension, heavy fines and cancellation of your insurance. You need representation by a Firm devoted to defending against this serious offense and to providing you with the personal attention of experience professionals. Therefore, in order to properly defend your case, The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, P.C. utilizes the services of experts in the field:

The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, P.C. uses a criminalist, Toxicologist and State-Certified Alcohol Supervisor with twenty-five years of experience, including tenure with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Crime Lab, who has testified in over 2400 drunk driving cases. He is retained as a consultant to testify in the evaluation of all blood, breath and urine evidence and will assure that your case is carefully reviewed for every scientific defense that is available.

With eighteen years as a Hearing Officer and lecturer with the Department of Motor Vehicles, The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, P.C. retains as a consultant an expert witness on license suspension, physical and mental conditions and negligent operator matters before the Courts and at DMV Administrative Hearings. This expert is devoted to protecting your privilege to drive, not only through the State of California, but also nationally.

The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, P.C. employs a veteran police officer of 15 years. During that time he was hand selected to be part of several task forces, including the DUI task force. There, he conducted thousands of DUI investigations and is a highly qualified investigator for DUI police tactics and procedures. Chosen to be a field training officer to new cadets, he is also a two-time recipient of the Officer of the Year Award who will examine the facts about your case and will determine if the police acted “according to procedure,” or if they made any common mistakes that often lead to a dismissal, or a reduction in the charges.

 Furthermore, The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, P.C. hires a court recognized Blood-Alcohol expert who is also recognized as an expert in alcohol levels in the human body and the machines used to test this. Having testified as an expert in over 2500 DUI cases, he is the former supervisor of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s crime lab, and former manager of the blood-alcohol testing unit.