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Change Your Record with Proposition 47

Proposition 47 is a measure that allows certain offenders who have been previously convicted of certain crimes to apply for reduced sentences. This affords previously convicted offenders a chance at resentencing. Certain offenders who have already completed a sentence for a felony could have their felony conviction changed to a misdemeanor.

Do You Qualify for A Reduced Sentence?

Call The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, P.C. to have felony convictions reduced to misdemeanor sentences if you or someone you know is currently serving felony sentences for the crimes listed below.

If you have been convicted in Los Angeles County of the following felony offenses, you may qualify for a reduction to a misdemeanor under Proposition 47:

  • Commercial Burglary - PC 459
  • Certain Forgeries, including - PC 470, 475, 476
  • Bad Check - PC 476a
  • Grand Theft - PC 487
  • Possession of Stolen Property - PC 496
  • Petty Theft with Priors - PC 666
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance - H&S 11350, 11377 or 11357(a)