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A Top Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you are involved in a domestic dispute where the other person accuses you of assault and battery, it is possible you might be charged with domestic violence. Bruce Richland and his dedicated team of professionals have helped numerous clients facing such charges throughout Los Angeles.

We are familiar with all the reasons why a significant other has charged a person with domestic violence, even if the facts do not support this allegation. Bruce Richland has helped individuals charged with crimes for more than 40 years. He has both prosecuted and defended countless of adults and juveniles charged with every kind of felony and misdemeanor crime.

Our law firm has a long history of successfully handling the defense of clients charged with all matters of domestic violence in California. Any person charged with domestic violence could be convicted of a felony and serve up to 4 years in prison. If the charges include interstate abuse, such as following a victim to another state after a restraining order was issued, the abuser could also face federal charges.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, the courts will take your character, community involvement, prior charges, as well as current and prior counseling into consideration. Judges may also impose alternative sentencing to prison. Regardless, it very important to obtain the best legal representation possible.

The Importance of An Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence can involve threatening, stalking, abandoning, damaging property, or inflicting some kind of physical injury on the victim. Domestic violence laws distinguish between certain types of domestic violence and they address injuries to an individual who is, or once was, an intimate partner of the accused. Common domestic violence charges can be filed as misdemeanors or felonies. A domestic violence charge could have very serious consequences. A person convicted of domestic violence may face jail time, domestic violence counseling programs, extremely high fines and fees to the court, and a restriction on the ability to possess firearms. There may be other issues too that may create big problems in your life.

To deal with domestic violence charges successfully, it is important to immediately hire a domestic violence victim attorney or domestic violence defense attorney. Charges in such cases may be very serious. Therefore, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced domestic violence attorney.

What a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Can Do for You

A professional attorney can help in protecting you and your family. If you are accused of domestic violence, a domestic violence attorney can help you avoid losing custody of your kids and possibly keep you out of jail.

If you have been accused of physically threatening someone close to you, scheduling an appointment with a domestic violence attorney will be critical. They can defend you against false accusations of domestic violence. The Law Offices of Bruce Richland has been providing you expert and aggressive legal representation with integrity. We are bilingual in both English and Spanish to better serve the needs of clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.