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Erase Your Past

Expunge/Dismiss Convictions

Through our experienced advocacy and professional representation, reputations and careers can be protected and international travel restrictions will be eased, as criminal convictions can be dismissed and criminal records will be mitigated, or expunged.

The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC can remove criminal convictions.

An experienced law firm makes the difference and The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC enjoys a 99% success rate at expunging and dismissing criminal records or convictions.


Avoid Sex-Offender Registration/Internet Disclosure

If you or anyone you know has been convicted of a sex offense and would like to turn back the clock, you may be eligible to obtain relief with a certificate of rehabilitation. For some sex crimes, a certificate of rehabilitation will enable a person to avoid lifetime sex registration. For some individuals, your private data can be excluded from the internet.

Mr. Richland has successfully and discreetly represented individuals accused a broad range of sex offenses. He has caused the exclusion of client data from the sex registration website and allowed clients to avoid a lifetime of mandatory sex-offender registration.

If you want a fresh start with a clean record, are required to register as a sex-offender, or the internet disclosure of sensitive information about you infringes on your life, contact The Law Offices of Bruce Richland, PC at 213-626-3100 or e-mail Mr. Richland directly at

Each case is individualized and the actual results will depend on the facts and circumstances of each particular matter.